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A transparent, evidence-based approach

As an independent non-profit, PHTI provides rigorous, publicly available evaluations of health technologies.

As digital health tools replace and augment traditional sources of healthcare, they should deliver equal or better health outcomes and increase affordability.

To help meet that goal, PHTI was created as an unbiased resource for payers, providers, investors, technology developers, and patients, providing objective information to:

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the pipeline of new digital health technologies entering the market by monitoring the evolving digital health landscape.




selected digital health technologies on their clinical effectiveness and economic impact and share learnings via independent and timely evidence-based reports.


the adoption of high-value technologies by highlighting products with robust, consistent evidence on clinical benefit, cost savings and impact.

Our core principles


We deliver methodologically-robust research, supported by data


We are self-funded, and our evaluations are free of outside interests


Our assessment framework and all reports will be publicly-available


Our evaluations will be evidence-based, timely, and relevant

An innovative assessment framework

PHTI aims to accelerate the adoption of high-value technologies that improve health and lower costs.

PHTI’s assessment framework was developed in coordination with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), a leader in health technology assessment.

The assessment framework prioritizes products’ clinical benefits and economic impact, while also considering effects on health equity, data privacy and security.

Engaging with stakeholders

PHTI actively seeks out partners and engages diverse stakeholders from across the digital health sector.

PHTI has convened clinical experts, economists, consumers, payers, and other entities to support in the development of the framework and evaluations.

PHTI has also assembled a Purchaser Advisory Council to provide feedback on the initiative’s assessment framework, assessment domains and digital health technologies in consideration for evaluation.

Coming soon


ICER-PHTI Assessment Framework

Publish an assessment framework developed specifically for digital health tools, and solicit public comments


Assessment Roadmap

Release planned enhancements to the assessment methodology, including artificial intelligence and admin tech


Topic Areas for Evaluation

Announce topics of the first PHTI reviews and priority areas for 2024

EARLY 2024

First Evaluation Reports

Publish first health technology evaluation reports

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